Classic Costa Rica Family Vacation

Day by day

Day 1: Arrival to Costa Rica. You will be met by the representative and guide of Sentir Costa Rica, to then be transferred to the hotel on the central pacific coast of the country. This drive could take between 1:45 and 2 hours depending on traffic as you leave the central valley, taking the main highway to the coast.

Included features: none

Day 2: After a quick welcome briefing to explain all details and logistic of the trip, the adventure begins. Today the adventure begins, with the Outrigger canoe and snorkeling (depending on water conditions). This takes place on a beach not too far from your hotel (20 minute drive). This are Hawaiian style canoes that each can take up to 8 people. You will paddle for about 40 minute along the coast, landing on an isolated beach where you will have time to relax for a little while, swim or snorkel. Or why not all of them?! If the conditions of the water are nice one can see lots of different kinds of fishes like the Blow fish, star fish, sea urchins, etc. After this, paddle back to the beach where it all started and drive back to the hotel where you will have time to relax in of the 2 different beaches close to the hotel, or one of the many different swimming pools.

Included features: Outrigger canoe and snorkel

Day 3: Around 9:00 AM, we will depart the hotel in direction to Monteverde, up in the mountains of the Tilaran Mountain Range. About 30 minutes after we leave the hotel, stop at the Tarcoles River for a very particular boat ride, the Jungle Crocodile Safari. This 1:30 hour boat ride will take you to see some of the largest and oldest Crocodiles in this part of the world. With an estimated population of around 3000 individuals, your chances of spotting some are quite good. After this, keep on driving for around 3 hours before arriving to our destination. Stop for lunch along the way on a local restaurant. Monteverde is probably one of the most magical places in the whole world. This place is nested in the middle of nowhere and became famousafter a group of Quakers originally from the United States moved up there, and started a cheese factory and protecting the unique habitat found there, the Cloud Forest.

Included features: Jungle Crocodile Safari boat ride

Day 4: Have you ever thought about how cool it could be to walk on the canopy of the trees? Yes is very cool, and that is what you are going to do today. We are going to take a 2 hour walk on a series of hanging bridges that are connecting different sections of the mountain that will give you the opportunity to have what some people call the “monkeys perspective”. You will have both perspectives, the normal one looking up to the trees and the one looking from the top to the bottom. Your chances of spotting wildlife increase quite a bit as up there is where most creatures find their food. After this, ride and walk around the very little community of Santa Elena and visit the world famous cheese factory, get yourself an ice cream and why not, maybe even stop by Stella’s Bakery for some locally grown cup of coffee.

Included features: Forest walk thru hanging bridges.

Day 5: After an early breakfast, time to move on…Now heading towards Arenal Volcano area. In order to get there, drive down the mountain range in direction to Lake Arenal, where a boat will take you across, where your bus will be. Once you have met up with your driver, head towards the Arenal Volcano National park for a walk in the old lava fields from 1968, 1992 and 1994 and also thru the forest that has been recuperating since this eruptions happened. Later, after lunch in town, it is time to fly!! Yes fly thru the canopy of the trees as you enjoy the zip line tour that offers amazing views of the volcano and surrounding forest. After, is time to go and enjoy some free time to enjoy the amazing grounds of the hotel like hot springs, fresh water swimming pools, butterfly garden, etc.

Included features: Arenal lake boat crossing, nature walk in Arenal Volcano national park, zip line tour

Day 6: More adventure today! Start the day with a nice bike ride around the volcano on a relatively flat gravel/ash road that also borders the lake. During this ride enjoy some amazing views of the volcano, and lake, while having the chance to spot different animals as you ride. In the afternoon, take a swim at the Fortuna Waterfall. This fall is over 150 feet tall and is one of the most impressive in the area. Once you have walked down to the base of the fall, you will have the opportunity to swim in the natural pool next to the actual fall, or just relax enjoying the views of the surroundings.

Included features: Mountain bike tour, La Fortuna waterfall visit, hot springs visit

Day 7: Today is a good day for a late start so everybody can recharge batteries for the last part of the trip. Once we have loaded the bus with all of our bags, we are heading east towards Sarapiqui, the largest county of the province of Heredia, representing close to 80% of the province and dedicated almost entirely to agriculture and cattle ranching. Once checked into the hotel, we will start with a nature walk in the Rain Forest that is protected by the hotel just across the Sarapiqui River. During this walk you will have the opportunity to experience and learn all about the hidden secret of this complicate and delicate environment. Thousands of different plants and trees, many different kind of mammals, birds and insects are part of this amazing place. Right after dinner learn all about the mysteries of one of the most misunderstood creatures of the forest: Bats. This is a 1 hour lecture where you will be able to evacuate all doubts and learn about how important they actually are for the ecology of the forest and human life. Did we mention that you might have the chance to see live bats?

Included features: Jungle nature walk, Bat lecture

Day 8: All things have an end, but, not all endings are as good as this one.  Get ready for your white water rafting trip on the class II and III rapids of the Sarapiqui River. This is more than a rafting trip, is a paddle ride down a natural and historic site. Jump from the raft or the river banks into the many natural pools that are found along the way. Oh, don’t forget to keep your eyes open as you paddle, because you might see monkeys and lots of birds as you go down with the flow. After a late lunch, take some time to relax and then around midafternoon start your drive to the city of San Jose for your last night in the country before heading back home.

Included features: White water rafting trip

Day 9: Today, it is time to say good bye. You will fly back home.